Pavilion Port Tonic- An Adjustment on Perspective

An Installation of Cécile van Hanja and Jeroen van der Beek 

Location: Port Tonic Art Center, Les Issambres, Côtes d'Azur

Realisation: April 26- 6 May 2019

Opening: July 15 - 2019


Project: Installation at Port Tonic


For the installation at Port Tonic, both artists have converged their perspectives and ideas.


Cécile found an intriguing parallel between the straight lines and spaciousness of Port Tonic’s architecture and the constructions of modernist architects like Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier, resembling the villas depicted in her paintings. However, she sensed a absence of a crucial element - a swimming pool.


Jeroen, on the other hand, aimed to create an environment where reality blurred with imagination, deliberately disorienting visitors.


This disparity in dimensional perception became the cornerstone of the project. Using white paint, lines extending from the verticals and horizontals of the building will be added to the grey asphalt leading to Port Tonic. To passersby, these lines might seem haphazardly placed. However, as an observer approaches a specific viewpoint, the seemingly random lines and the existing structure coalesce, revealing a striking 2 to 3-story modern architectural form, complete with a prominent swimming pool.


Yet, with one more step forward, this illusion dissolves back into a maze of lines, leaving the observer perplexed and questioning their own perception.