Modernistic Altitude

This painting is inspired on the Farnworth House, designed by Mies van der Rohe.

The form of the construction, a cage with continious glass walls, together with pilars that lift it from the ground, make the architecture as close as it can be to its original idea: A floating volume with a floating terrace.

The organic surrounding nature is here a mountainery scenery.

The snow on the mountains has as clear connection with the pale white of the villa, while the soft ocre tones of the sky and the golden light of the melted snow on the foreground give a stricking contrast.

A desolated linear construction in a atmospheric perspective.

Spotlight on Modernism




Frozen Modernism

By the big scenery windows the mountainous landscape becomes part of the architecture of this modern villa, which bears an amazing contrast.

The overwelming outside world is all painted in grey tones. The only color comes from the house.

This artificial orange light reflecting on the snow completes the evening mood.