About my work

The most important theme in my work is the research of the influence of the public domain on private life.

As an inspiration source the metropolitan surroundings works both for and against creating art in my studio, which can be seen as a metaphor for an inner experiment.

Although I've trouble to shut out the hectic life that comes with it , I'm at the same time fascinated by the anonymous charisma of modern architecture.

Within the structure of repeating façades of glass and concrete I can imagine a geometric world full with suspense, a multicoloured labyrinth of spaces and look-throughs in which it is not exactly clear wether it is inside or outside.

The question raises if we as an observer are part of the structure or excluded? In other words, can our private life penetrate in these anonymous constructions?

At the same time the regular rhythm of horizontals and verticals of the modernistic architecture enable me to do a research of the space on a flat surface.

The thin layers of paint give more depth and confusion.

The transparant floors and walls , with reflections of opposite walls, together with the perspective lines and vanishing points, like rational benchmarks, lead to an irrational and intuitive way of thinking, that force to only experience, accept a given space, without being able to reason it out.


Indoorspace, 2009, 120 H x 200 W x 2,5 cm, Acrylic and oil on canvas